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Inertia Motion Capture Fingers Capture Accessories Elastic Lycra Fabric Gloves for VDSuit Full(Without Sensors)

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This elastic lycra fabric gloves are accessories which are suitable for VDSuit Full fingers capture. Wearing VDSuit Full’s hand and finger sensors (rings) requires each finger to wear a ring separately, and then embed the sensor, which will take a lot of time every time you put on and take off the VDSuitFull ring, because it requires each finger put the ring on by itself or take it off. In order to facilitate customers to put on and take off quickly, we specially designed Lycra gloves suitable for VDSuit Full hand sensors. Fix the rings on the glove, and you only need to quickly connect the hand sensor every time you put on or take off the glove, saving a lot of wearing time.


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● Special designed: Designed for VDSuit Full hand sensors.

● Quick wear: 2 minutes wear start, use immediately, saving a lot of time when everytime you want to connect fingers capture.

● Lightweight fabric: Choose elastic Lycra fabric, suitable for different hand sizes.

● Easy to washStretch fabric, do not worry about deformation or shrinkage.

● Comfortable and portableContains a holder for the palm sensor and a holder for the finger ring to keep the connection stable and not easily slipped or shifted.

AccessoriesElastic Lycra fabric gloves


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Core Technology


Virdyn VDSuit Full for Full Body Function Inertia Motion Capture Suit (8)

● Core algorithm: Our self-developed algorithm, high-frequency refresh, fast calibration

● Automatic temperature compensation: Adaptive temperature compensation algorithm to effectively suppress temperature drift

● Accurate data: 360° attitude capture range, no angle limit

● Wireless transmission: Wireless transmission, charging 2hours, continuous working 3hours

● High magneticresistance: Continuous resistance to 60s magnetic field mutation

Supporting software: VDMocap Studio

Virdyn VDSuit Full for Full Body Function Inertia Motion Capture Suit

● Perfect supporting functions, advanced motion capture system algorithm

● Window and lens tracking function with four viewing angles

● Data Repair, Data Redirection, Data Frame Cut, Motion Capture Bone Editing, Climbing Effects

● Support mainstream applications such as Unity3D, UE4, 3D MAX, MAYA, MotionBuilder, etc.

● Data types include RAW, QUA, EULER, BVH, FBXO


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