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The Application of Virtual IP on Cultural Tourism Industry

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In the traditional way of many cities promotion and tourism scenic spots marketing, often through multi-channel brand promotion, quality product experience, creative marketing events and other means to complete the marketing work. However, tourism marketing back to the core needs to have marketable products, with the east wind of mascot IP, tourism commodities have become an important carrier of tourism marketing, because behind each IP contains the culture and story about the scenic spot or city. And mascot IP can be integrated into tourism scenic spots through multiple ways such as products, festivals, live broadcasts and performances to promote tourism consumption upgrade and enhance the attractiveness of scenic spots.

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City/Cultural Tourism IP-based

"IP" for cultural tourism real estate, is a unique secret, is the winning formula, means scarcity, personalized, exclusive desire, can improve the rate of revisiting tourism consumption and secondary consumption, can fundamentally solve in the big road goods, homogeneous competition brought about by the play fatigue.

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① Continuously amplify the original culture and art value through creative and personalized presentation and dissemination, build cultural tourism IP system, and strengthen tourists' identification with IP.

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② Mascot IP online live and offline linkage: Using mascot IP through special festivals, regular online and offline activities, such as the creation of mascot IP virtual live publicity and other youthful marketing model, linkage offline mascot peripheral cultural and creative sales or display, to innovate the way of tourism experience.

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③ In the era of cultural tourism integration, the construction of cultural tourism IP brings infinite commercial value. Taking cultural tourism IP as the core, using local geographical and industrial advantages, innovating diversified cultural communication channels through technological intervention and industrialization, and at the same time using more innovative forms of virtual IP live interaction and sales platforms, cultivating the formation of IP creative industry chain and industrial clusters, building new economic growth points for local economic development and effectively boosting local economy.

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The "Kumamoto Bear" cartoon image is a very successful classic super IP of the city's business brand, and it is known that there are now more than 20,000 kinds of products related to the Kumamoto Bear, bringing $1.2 billion economic benefits in just two years = $90 million in advertising and publicity, and its image has penetrated into every aspect of urban life, becoming a very vital symbol of the city. Its image has permeated all aspects of urban life, becoming a very vital symbol of the city.

Virdyn + cultural tourism IP creation



At present, Virdyn has continuously provided virtual IP technical support and operation services for a number of cultural tourism-related industries: such as real-time live technical support for the Beijing Winter Olympics image Jingbaoer IP, virtual small elephant IP live interactive technical support for Yunnan forest small elephant protection public welfare live broadcast, IP customization services and creative and technical support for Chongqing Communist Youth League live broadcast and operation, etc.640 (22)
Virdyn proposes innovative services for brand IP / cultural tourism IP creation.

1. IP custom design services: from the core of brand culture / cultural tourism industry culture, to provide IP customization services: including original painting design, 3D design, action binding, expression production and a series of services

2. IP innovative operation service: relying on motion capture technology + virtual IP operation software system to realize multi-dimensional IP creative video output, IP real-time interactive live broadcast and other multi-functional scenes presentation.

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3、IP operation and promotion service in video platform: help customers to operate the content of IP accounts in various short video platforms or public numbers and other communication channels.

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